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Erin [userpic]
Yuletide Fic Exchange
by Erin (absinthe_spoons)
at 8th November 2008 (04:08)

I don't know if this is allowed, but I'm really excited about the rare fandoms fic exchange here:
... and there are only ~ 3 people offering Invasion fics right now, which obviously must change. Deadline for sign up is Monday, Nov. 10th.
Oh, and hi!


Posted by: Lucille (dying_dreams)
Posted at: 13th November 2008 15:30 (UTC)
Balto & Jenna

Thank you for bringing this to our notice! And don't worry, as long as there is a clear connection to "Invasion" - which is obviously there - this certainly is allowed in the community. :)

I didn't sign up, by the way, because I don't feel like I know "Invasion" well enough yet to write fan fiction about it, if you see what I mean. I've missed a couple of episodes and felt that I should get to see those first, and then buy the season 1 DVD boxset so that I have all the time I need to observe the characters more closely by watching important scenes more than one time. I've seen the episodes that I have watched only once, so I don't feel like I have understood the essence well enough. Reading fan fiction would also certainly help, though, but unfortunately, there isn't all that much "Invasion" fan fiction around. :(

I realise it may be a bit fussy of me (I'm a bit of a perfectionist), but I just *really* need to get to know something before I can write about it. :-o

Either way, I'm looking forward to reading the "Invasion" fan fiction stories that the people have written for The Yuletide Challenge. I particularly hope they will include a lot of Tom Underlay, in a good way. ;)

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